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Andros is the second largest island of the Cyclades after Naxos and it’s the closest island to Evia.

According to survey conducted in 2001, the island had a population of 10,009 people.


There is a ferry link with regular services from the port of Rafina to the port of Lavrio.
The journey from Rafina to Andros takes 2 hours by boat and only 1 hour on the high speed boat.


The island has excellent beaches with crystal clear waters that win over the most demanding visitors. Some popular beaches of Andros are the Agios Petros, Psili Ammos, Kypri, Liopesi, Anerousa,  Agia Marina, Agia Eleousa, Fellos, Small and Large Peza, Makrotandalo and Gides. The most Known beach of the island is the beach is “Tis Grias to Pidima” at Korthi. During your stay in Andros, do not forget to visit the small beach Vintzi, St. Catherine, Bouro and Melissa, where you can enjoy the sea caves.


The nightlife is mainly located in the mainland of Andros and at batchi where there are many clubs and restaurants.


Andros is an affordable destination that is preferred by many people for weekend traveling because of its short distance from Athens.


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